La Frontera was started in 1980 by Antonio Tovar. Antonio was born in Guanajuato Mexico and made his way to the United States at the age of 15 not knowing any English or anybody. He struggled to try and adapt to life outside of Mexico and survived solely on his will to work. 27 years after his arrival in America, Antonio started what would be one of the fastest growing local Mexican restaurants in Utah. Antonio was a very flamboyant man and was easily recognized by his Mexican hat (called a Tejana), stylish suits, and confident presence. La Frontera’s platters command just as much attention as Antonio once did, just order the Frontera Nachos for proof. He wanted BIG platters, he wanted OUTSTANDING food, but most of all he wanted to name his creation something
meaningful. La Frontera literally translated means “The Border”. Antonio believed wholeheartedly that success is gained through a strong work ethic, dedication, and the support of a great country. La Frontera stands for all the borders and obstacles that one must face in order to get where he/she wants to be in life. It especially stood for the border between success or failure in Antonio’s life.

At La Frontera, we are committed to delivering top-notch customer care in a fun and family-friendly atmosphere. We strive for excellence and remember that we are here for our customers first and foremost. We cannot wait for you to meet the La Frontera family and “Smother” yourself with fun and flavor!

About our Chile Verde and Smothered Burritos

Our Chile Verde is unlike anything you have tasted before and has remained the same recipe for over 30 years. Our Chile Verde can be found on a number of items throughout our menu. The Smothered Burritos, however, are our most popular. A tortilla with your choice of beans, fresh ground beef, or chicken is rolled up and “Smothered!”. It is also available as its own entrée. If you are a first time visitor and do not know what to order, just say “Smothered!” and prepare your taste-buds for a glorious roller-coaster ride that can only end in satisfaction! Many competitors have attempted to duplicate our Chile Verde but none have been able to match the quality or flavor that La Frontera continues to offer. When in doubt, just say, “Smothered!”


While many of our customers enjoy the savory flavors of our homemade Chile Verde, Molé, Chile Colorado, and other sauces, many do not realize that we are serious when we say “homemade”. La Frontera only uses the finest ingredients from our meats down to our produce. Every item on our menu, aside from our tamales, is cooked from scratch in our kitchen throughout the day. Our famous Chile Verde is re-created every morning and throughout the day to keep it fresh and tasting great. Our tortillas are still rolled by hand instead of made by a press. Rolling by hand keeps the tortillas thicker and prevents them from drying out immediately. Thousands of chips and gallons of salsa are made daily as well fresh from scratch.


About La Frontera